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"Henry has had an incredible musical journey with Nate for eight years running.  From the beginning Nate tapped into Henry’s innate interest in music, with a deft balance of formal teaching and popular music that Henry finds interesting and fun to play.  His emphasis on learning to play by ear (also balanced by sight reading development) fosters Henry’s joy of playing; he can play anytime, anywhere, and is able to pick out patterns in the music he hears in everyday life.  Nate knows how to push kids in a developmentally appropriate way such that Henry wants to practice and improve his skills without prodding from us.  Nate has been a wonderful, talented teacher and we are immensely grateful for the musical guidance and inspiration he has given our son."

-Phil B. (parent of Henry, age 14)

"Our 8 year old started taking piano lessons when he was 6.5 years old and it is amazing to see and hear what he has learned in the past year and a half. Nate knows just how to balance the lessons with learning and fun. Our son is very easily distracted and Nate keeps him interacting with breaks where he incorporates a short game between transitions. In addition to the regular teachings, he supplements the piano workbooks with fun modern pop songs. With these songs, our son learns to play without sheet music which is really neat and a great skill to build upon. We totally recommend Nate as a piano teacher! Our 6 year old is excited to start his lessons this year as well!"


                                                                                                           -Maria R.

"Nate is a gifted music teacher who has a wonderful way of engaging his students, from youngl children to teenagers to adults. He takes his discipline seriously and expects his students to do the same, but succeeds in adapting to "where they're at" and gently moving them forward. Our sons have learned so much from Nate, both how to play piano and how to relate to other


                                                                                                          -Susan A.

"Nate encourages his students using music they love whilst still teaching them all the traditional techniques they need to succeed. We were amazed when Dylan came home after that first lesson playing the theme from Harry Potter and a bit from Star Wars. He was all lit up inside and excited about piano. And he still feels that way going into his third year.  Dylan says “Mr. Nate always does songs you really want to learn not that he wants to do.”


                                                                                                           -Dana J.

"Nate Wilson is not only an extraordinary performing musician, playing and writing for piano, organ, guitar, and flute, he is also an incredible teacher and instructor. I had the pleasure of beginning my musical journey at the piano with Nate when I was just shy of ten years old. In looking back, Nate was a very patient teacher while working with me as a child. He would often write out lesson plans and goals for the week, which was very helpful to me as a young player. A lot of people feel that learning happens all at once, but Nate had a great approach to organization: balancing practical learning material, such as scales and chords, while simultaneous keeping lessons fun through learning some of your favorite songs. Nate is also well-known for his jazz and improvisational skills. My Mom would often comment on how much I would enjoy listening to Nate play the most intricate music outside of his teaching room prior to starting our lesson. I would often ask Nate what he had been playing, and to my surprise, he would reply that it was improvisation. This idea of creating music in the moment blew my mind as a child! After speaking to Nate about my interest in pursuing jazz and improvisation, Nate began working with me on pursuing my musical goals. We started to work diligently on theory (scales, modes, chords, voicings, harmony, etc). I did not realize this at the time, but Nate was giving me strong foundational tools that I would need to execute jazz as a theorem. In just a few years, I started to learn jazz tunes and improvise over their respective harmonies, and it did not take me long to begin playing professionally. At only 15, I had my fist gig performing jazz solo piano at a restaurant, where I still hold my residency today. The skills I learned through improvisation also led me down a path of composition. I had the honor of releasing a jazz-influenced album of all original material at 21, as well as a demo of songwriting material. Throughout our lessons, Nate always encouraged my creativity, and worked with me throughout many genres of music. I recall Nate and I working on everything from Jazz Standards, to Classical pieces of Suzuki, and even teaching me Pop/Rock production on GarageBand. I would strongly recommend and encourage Nate as a teacher for any style of music and skill level. I would not be the accomplished, versatile musician I am today without the profound influence and mentorship that Nate brought to each and every one of our lessons!"


-Sal Hughes (Professional Pianist)

"Nate Wilson is a fabulous piano teacher! My daughter was contemplating quitting piano because she was bored. Once we started going to Nate, her interest picked up! Nate works with reading music and listening to pop music and converting it to something the kids can play! Nate has been flexible when we have scheduling issues. We usually have annual recitals. This year, Nate asked us all for clips of our children playing their recital piece and combined it into a virtual recital. I highly recommend Nate!"

-Jill B.

I have taken piano lessons on and off for over 30 years from at least 10 different teachers.  It is rare to find a teacher such as Nate that is knowledgeable, proficient and capable of teaching so many different styles of piano, ranging from classical. Jazz. Blues, improvisation, Suzuki method and more! 

I am not easy student because I am older and want a teacher that can meet my specific needs and learning style, instead of a cookie cutter teacher.   Nate was quick to assess my abilities and fill the gaps with what I was lacking, while also teaching me the new styles I wanted to learn.  He always challenges me, and fills my lessons with enough variety and homework to keep me interested so that I do not get bored or frustrated.  Nate is very humble and utilizes a quiet confidence in his teaching style.   He knows how to expect a level of achievement from his students, while also demonstrating support, encouragement and praise for his students.

I feel so very fortunate to have found Nate.   I interviewed numerous teachers, and took a trial lesson with him before choosing him to be my teacher. I have been taking lessons with Nate for a year now, and my only regrets is that I wish I had started with him 30 years ago!


-Judi S

Nate Wilson has been my piano teacher for almost two years.  As an older student with very little prior music experience I appreciate his patience and ability to clarify difficult music concepts.  I look forward to my lessons and practice time which I find enjoyable     Currently we are using Zoom instead of the studio which is a totally different experience but has been fun.  I recommend Nate for younger as well as more mature students.    My experience has been very positive.    


-Carolyn M

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